Little Big India is the love for India's vibrancy made manifest, through the talented heart, mind, and hands of Anita Susanne Börjesson.

Born in Stockholm, Anita Susanne grew up in the south of Sweden, studied International economy at the University of Gothenburg. She then moved to London where she spent most of the 80’s.

Passionate about clothes and street fashion since a very young age, autodidact and very creative, she mostly designed and made her own clothes and even sold a couple of models to local boutiques.

Since 1988, Anita has been travelling and living in several locations around the globe, and she has lived for longer time periods in Geneva, London, Sydney, Venezuela, Paris, Gran Canaria and is now settled in Palma de Mallorca since 2005.

She has held job positions in many different domains; mainly in management of private hotels and residences, location catering, corporate communication, marketing and public relations amongst others.

In 2008, destiny made her turn towards creativity again. She went travelling in India, a burning desire since many years. Moving around the subcontinent, she just simply fell in love with its friendly people, colourful textiles and beautiful clothing.

Gathering samples of fabrics, clothes and jewellery from all regions she went through, she was searching for an idea, a “legitimate excuse” to enable her to interact with India on a regular basis. She decided to start a shop in Palma; she would travel to buy fabrics and material, and then create clothes and accessories throughout India!

Thus, the concept of “Little India” was born. In fact it was born at the back of a bus in southern India, between Madurai and Kanyakumari. One should give the credit of Little India being born at all to the Tamil bus driver who drove so roughly that it was impossible for Anita to sleep!

In 2009 Anita opened her first shop in Palma de Mallorca, only to expand to larger premises in the same street one year later.

Since 2010, Anita has been a supplier of handmade high end Indian garments for various high end stores; the most famous being the Boutique at Hotel Cap Rocat.

In 2018, she was given the challenging task to create and curate the Boutique at Cap Rocat by the owner, famous Architect/Interior Designer Antonio Obrador.

Since then she has been co-designing a complete line of clothes and accessories with Antonio Obrador.

The Boutique is now a very successful reference for many high end hotels and their guests and Anita continues to create a new collection every year.

In June 2022 Anita opened "Little Big India" in Palma's Old Town. The idea is to bring in more Indian young brands, as there are many fresh, organic and sustainable options. The new space will be a conceptual gathering spot, with cultural and educational activities, and, hopefully a healing space too.

Welcome! Bienvenida! Swagat!

Our Mission

Our Mission

Quality materials, good designs, craftsmanship and sustainability

Quality materials, good designs, craftsmanship and sustainability